Knowledge is Power? Naw. Google is Power.

Knowledge is Power? Naw. Google is Power.

I remember seeing this study awhile ago about how Google has affecting the minds of people and how we think. Makes complete logical sense as well considering it’s unbelievably easy to find anything you want out now  at a moments notice without any problem, watch how something is done in a few minutes, or find some cat video or meme that entertains you for a few moments  Either way, there’s a lot of shit that you can discover by browsing the net. And when I mean shit, I mean literally shit. There is so much useless stuff online that it’s borderline retarded what it has become in a way, but on the same coin you can find so much stuff out there that can make you Stephen Hawking with intact physical abilities. 

The thing is, while it is interesting to have that kind of info a few clicks away, you also have to think about how that’s really affecting your long term memory. If you don’t have any reason to memorize something when you can look it up, it does seem to stunt your ability for long term storage of that info. I’m in a medical field and I’m forced to look up some stuff because if I misspell something it could mean the difference between your kidney or liver being cut out or you getting some high end antibody over your pain medication. So I kinda have an excuse because getting sued and indirectly killing someone isn’t on my bucket list (or theirs). 

I enjoy random knowledge, or actually good knowledge. Partially why my wife and I enjoy doing trivia as much as we can. Sometimes it’s completely useless because I don’t fucking care about sports all the time and who threw a ball for whatever yardage because he’s Badass McGee Throwingston of the Montgomery Wheatpullers with some facts/stats only ESPN could care about. History though? On it. Medicine? Def. Music/Pop culture? Depending. It’s nice to always know things that have some purpose for conversations though and general purpose.

Always keep learning, everyone. Helps you and everyone around with little facts… just if you talk with me, save the sports part. No offense (or defense… ha ha ha).

– Dylan


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